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sewer drain line

Sewer and Drain Lines

Main sewers are larger drains that run underground from the property and connect to a city sewer line or a septic tank. A main sewer line can become blocked or restricted by debris, hygiene wipes flushed down the line or by tree roots which penetrate pipe joints. Our technicians use a power snake machine to clean and clear the walls of the pipe to the city or septic connection.

household drain line

Household Drains

Usually hair, soaps, grease, and detergents buildup in the pipe. Our technicians will snake the clogged drain removing the blockage from the line, restoring it to proper working condition.

grease trap drain doctor

Grease Traps

Massachusetts State Law generally requires grease traps to be pumped generally every 90 days or at 25% capacity. Grease traps are designed to trap the build ups of fats, oils, and grease. The trap acts as a filter which may become clogged or ineffective if left unattended for too long. A neglected grease trap can spill grease and build up into other lines.

video inspection drain doctor

Video Inspection

Video Inspections are used to identify the condition of a drainpipe and the location of any possible defects or damage in the line. These are also becoming a requirement for new home purchases in some cities. A flash drive recording of the video inspection will be given to the customer at the end of service for their records.

hydro jetting

Water Jet Cleaning

We high pressure water jet, sanitary mains, storm drains, roof stacks, and conduit lines. This is very rarely done in residential homes to prevent accidental flooding. We will always try snake the line first. Any additional requests please call the office to discuss in further detail.

drain pump

Pump Trucks

With the use of our pump trucks, we clean and clear catch basins, manholes, exterior grease traps. Any additional requests please call the office to discuss in further detail.

drain doctor working on pipes plumbing kitchen sink
  • Clearing Bathroom Sinks, Toilets, and Shower/ Tub lines.
  • Clearing Floor Drains
  • Clearing Kitchen Sinks, Garbage Disposals and Dishwashers
  • Clearing Laundry lines and Utility sinks
  • Emergency Service (Both Commercial and Residential)
  • Grease Traps (Internal and Exterior)
  • High Pressure Water Jetting
  • Manhole and Catch Basin Cleaning
  • Preventative Maintenance Plans
  • Sewer and Drain Cleaning (Both Commercial and Residential)
  • Video Camera Inspections
  • High Pressure Water Jet Truck
  • Fully Equipped Service Vans
  • Pump Trucks
  • Vactor Truck Services
  • Grease Trucks